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Weighing your home value in decision making on what you put in a renovation project

            The question that always floats to the surface when doing a 
            renovation project...

            My home value currently is...

            Will I get my renovation costs out of my home if I decide to sell?

            My answer to this is... If quality materials and qualified
            professional trades are used in the renovation process into a
            home that is in a vibrant growing community, then, yes.

            If one is renovating your home to make a livable more
            pleasant and functional space and that goal is achieved...

            The value has always ready been earned in making your life better
            and coming home to a space that gives solace and retreat from
            the outside world.

             One has to at some point, instead of weighing constantly the
             monetary value, remember the importance in enhancing your
             family's quality of life value.

             Still be wise and knowledgeable in what you spend that is within
             your budget for a renovation budget.

             Realize though that there is a certain cost for qualified labor,
             design professional, and quality materials.

              Enhance your life for you and your family and keep that value's
              importance in mind with what you will get out of your home
              after the renovation project.

Planning is a good thing...before a renovation project

      Planning and a reality check on your renovation project list.

      When starting a project as a homeowner, procrastination or
      indecision can come into play in making certain product
      decisions. Also the reality check on labor and product costs.

      Best way to be desisive on products putting in your home
      is the reality check on what is possible with your budget.

      Also, knowing your monetary budget for project is realistic.

      Know your priorities in order of wants and needs - if an item
      has to be dropped from list.

      Be aware that if something does not fit in budget realistically,
      try to make an mental acceptance or delete another item on list.
      Try not to shoot the deliverer of what is possible with your budget.

      Retain your designer and remodeler on the front end of project.

      Some homeowners will speak to ten professionals and delay the
      commitment to an individual company then expect unrealistic
      time schedules on project. Projects are scheduled by commitment
      by client. If six weeks have gone by and that designer or remodeler
      schedule has filled with commited clients that means they are
      booked up to a further start date on new committed contracts on
      One truly pays usually in a non-positive way for using less qualified
      labor. Correct installation of product is critical for product looking
      the best.

       Each professional trade should be a specialist in their trade in a

       A professional designer who has a bachelors or masters degree in  
       the interior design field and is experienced, is worth the investment.
       Most designers work on an hourly rate or by retainer.

       Whether it is the plumber, cabinet installer, or designer, they all
       charge for their time because they are an professional invested
       in their trade.

       All trades labor or design are important in the team work
       in a renovation project.



A day in my installer's shoes

          Recently, I assisted my cabinet installer on one of my projects

          on some small items to keep things running smoothly that day.

          Being aware that his job is a very detailed and labor intensive.

          As I helped with tasks, I was slower in the very small tasks

         that I was assisting in and it was very humbling.

         It is a very tough job to do correctly and timely with constant

         small and big challenges with the install.

         Cabinet Installers and trim installers have to be instant problem


         All the pieces and parts that have to come together to create the

         overall look.

         Their challenging responsibility also for: not damaging the product,

         not cutting a length of crown to short, and drilling the hardware holes

         in correct place so a door does not have to be replaced or a drawer front.

         Long days with the pressure always on, it is really a demanding and

         skilled job.

New Year, New Remodeling Projects, Trends

    New Year started with a forward push of new design work
    and we are already into February!

    Fresh start and getting the to do list done has been on many people's minds.

    Also, the dream list is more accessible for remodel projects in the home.

    Starting a project can be exciting and the rewards are endless when a well

    designed and installed project is completed.

    Lighter and Brighter seems to be in play for cabinetry with also rich blues

    in appliances and cabinetry.

    Have you looked at Subzero new color choices? If you haven't, you must.

    Leather tiles for walls are trending and there is much to choose from.

    Marble is still the timeless choice whether one has  modern or traditional

    design taste.

    Remember that prices change with supply & demand and labor schedules have

    to be arranged in advance.

    If you receive a quote it usually has a 30 day guarantee of pricing.

    There are usually price increases in product January through March.

    When getting a quote on product, ask if there is a price increase on the horizon,

    the decision on start date of design and remodel project could be decided upon

    with that information.






Being proactive in your remodeling project and preparing for winter.

         Suggestions on your remodeling project with humor added...

    Be proactive in your remodel and winterize your kitchen and baths.

    Relationships are about communication, communication and communication.

    Whether you are aware or not, your business transaction with your remodeler

    and designer is a relationship.

    One that can bring you leaps of joy or tears of frustration.

    Prioritize your "must haves" and "wish list". 

    When the numbers come in...and you know what I mean...

    Review the monetary bid and descriptions.

    Is everything there listed? 

    After reviewing list and making your decision for all items a go,

    or cutting a few out if necessary....

    Then review  if insulation wrapping of your plumbing pipes is listed.
    If not, add it.

    Climate change, More cold weather in lower temperatures than in past, makes it a must 
    in any region that has freezing temperatures.

    Also, add extra insulation in your sink base cabinets throughout the house.

    This small but necessary item will help keep your dry in the future.

    Who wants a flood in their home and insurance paperwork?

    Preparation is never unnecessary.

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